Wednesday, October 4, 2006

Angel Cards

When I visited THE CROSSING in Austin I bought some Angel Cards in the cool little bookstore there. Angel Cards are just these simple little cards, teeny cards actually, with a little angel representing a word on about 80 different cards. Words like "Curiosity", "Balance", "Creativity", etc.I think the idea is you draw a card on days when you need a little angel by your side...and what day do you NOT?

I had trouble with these cards at first because I'd draw a card with a word that didn't connect to me. After trying this for about 3 days I sort of abandoned the idea of them.

But a few days ago, I decided to draw not just draw ONE Angel Card, but to draw 3. Because remember, I make the rules around here!!! That felt a lot better to me. Somehow, the cards seem to have a theme when put in 3s, so far. And so far, they've had meaning to the particular day I drew them for.

Today I drew the following three Angels:
Here is how they applied and how they helped me in my day:

First of all,I found out rather than our usual meeting with my Artist Way group tonight, we were intead going to see some film at a church. Initally I was so disappointed to hear of this decision. (I was kept out of the loop because I've had email problems this week.) But then I thought of my Angels- Presence and Commitment. Aren't I commited to this group? And don't I need to show up to be a part of it? So I bought my ticket and I'll be going. I'm sure there's a reason for me being there.

Then, I called Apple's customer service to get help with my email problems. I was on the phone about 2 hours. The first "helper" had me do something that dug my hole even deeper...No part of my email would work once he got his hands on it, AND I had lost all of my old emails. I was truely really mad at this guy. I wanted to hang up. I wanted to give up. And before doing that, I wanted to yell at him. But I remembered the other angel I drew today...Grace. So I told him I was upset that this had happened, and even more upsetting was that I really just needed him to simply say he was sorry. (Rather than put the blame on me for not telling him I didn't want to lose my emails forever.) I asked him to just be compassionate. He (sort of) was. He said, "Well, I do apologize." So there was Grace! On both of our parts. We were able to move on from there. Or rather, he ending up realizing I needed help from someone who knew a little more than he did. And now, just 2 hours later, because of my commitment to getting this settled, my email is back in action. I am so happy. The smart tech guy walked me through it, but I DID IT. I didn't give up, And I was nice even when I felt frustrated.

I have my 3 angels to thank....

***VERY SAD FOOTNOTE...after initally posting this, I realize I can receive email, but cannot reply or send out anything. Now I'm REALLY being tested! YIKES.

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gkitto said...

You'll have grace. Worry not. I sent an angel tonight to watch over you. She'll be there shortly. :)