Friday, September 29, 2006

Moving Forward

Today is October 1st and I am replacing my old running shoes with my brand spankin' new ones. I rotate out 2 pairs at a time so they last a little longer. Coincidentally on just about the same DAY I have now filled up my 3rd journal of "Morning Pages" and am cracking open the 4th.

I love breaking in the new fresh stuff. But at the same time, I struggle to let go of the old. My journals can be neatly stacked at the top of my closet and take up practically no space at all. Not sure why it's a given that I MUST hold on to them, but I must. I have no desire to read back over the pages, and I doubt I ever will. My morning pages are boring...even to me. Brain drain. Why would I want to rehash that anyway? Yet, I won't throw those journals out.

And then there's the shoes. I should've replaced them at least a month ago. Their "time" was up. But October just felt like the right time to make the change, so I held off until now. I even had some brand new shoes just waiting for my feet to run in them for over a month.

So what will I do with those old shoes? Well, I'll get rid of them of course. The last pair I abandoned in a bed and breakfast in Sonama, California. I had one final run with them through the vinyards and then I felt it appropriate to leave them in a beautiful spot that had special meaning, sort of like you might spread someone's ashes.

But I'm not in Sonama this time, or anywhere else half that cool. So what will I do with them in Dallas?

Not sure yet, but I'll think of something. What I know is that both the journals and the shoes have kept me moving foward both figuratively and literally. I've pounded out miles and pages ranting and raving, sometimes being a bitch, sometimes being a bore, and even being brilliant sometimes. Maybe not (MAYBE not) solving the world's problems, but certainly solving some of my own, even though most of the time it's done subconsciously. I'm dedicated to my runs and I'm dedicated to the pages. They are invaluable tools for me.

So with clean pages and newly cushioned souls (soles!) I will keep moving foward!

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Anonymous said...

Chuck 'em out. Very cathartic. Its history, just like the warn out shoes. Don't live in them, just let them go. They captured your thoughts at the time, which was healthy. Now, all they can be is an anchor to your past.