Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The Girls

These are my sweet girls- Zoe on the top and Scout on the bottom with her tongue hanging out.
They are my children!!! I didn't realize there was no longer a picture of them on my website- Someone pointed that out to me and I felt like the crappiest, neglectful Mommy! I suck.

No, I don't. I love my girls like there's no tomorrow. They're the reason I always come back from vacations. They're my best walking companions and my biggest cheerleaders. They never have a bad day and take it out on me. Instead, every single day they smile and wag at me.

I am so glad the weather has cooled down a little so that now we can get in our daily walks. Someone yelled out at me the other day while Scout and I were walking, "He (whatever with people assuming she's a HE!) looks like he'd rather be in Colorado." My only reply was, "So do I." But honestly, the hot weather doesn't seem to bother Zoe and Scout to much. They were born and raised in Texas so I guess it's all they know. Lots of disgustingly hot days I have to make them come out of the sun and stay inside with me. They LOVE laying in the driveway in full sun.

You would never know it by seeing them in action, but they are ten years old. TEN YEARS OLD?! My how time flies! Anyway, they appear to be much younger- I attribute that to the fact that they're littermates and have always had an active playmate in each other.

They've never been apart for longer than an overnight stay at the vets when one of them was sick or had surgery. In fact, when I take one of them on a walk and leave the other waiting at home, I can hear the pathetic howling cries from about a block away. It's embaressing. I usually just keep them inside so they don't freak out the neighbors. But these two are not dogs that like to be left on their own.

They are the perfect company for each other and really, for me. No talking back. No fit throwing. Nothing but love, love, love!

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