Tuesday, September 5, 2006

The Crossing

This Labor Day weekend, we went to The Crossing in Austin. I have been somehow receiving their catalogue for a couple of years and have always wanted to sign up for one of their cool sounding workshops. They have really interesting stuff for people like me, and maybe people like you. Stuff on relationships, creativity, yoga, etc.... Topics I just LOVE. Besides the workshops they offer, they have hiking trails, a beautiful pool, and lots of yoga-ish classes. And it's all GREEN. And I don't just mean the trees and the grass.

This particular weekend, there wasn't a workshop going on. My husband and I were aimlessly on our way to Austin. Or so I thought. But without me t even hinting to him about my curiousity about The Crossing he brilliantly surprised me and took me there! He told me we were going to "some place called The Crossing."

"THE CROSSING???? I KNOW THE CROSSING!!!" Of course, I really didn't know it but I had been receiving those catalogues.

Well, now I DO know the Crossing. I took a Pilates class and a Tai Chi class while I was there. We ate great food- mostly really heathy and organic. We hiked. We got 80-minute massages. EIGHTY MINUTES. I got a splinter in my foot at the pool that nearly killed me. I bought ANGEL CARDS (I'm sure you'll hear more on that later!) and a book at their funky little bookstore. It was quite and serene. It was shocking if we saw more then 10 other people over the course of a day. No TV and I only used my computer for my infamous TRAVELOGUE.

It was the perfect Labor Day weekend...Absolutely NO LABOR.

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