Friday, September 8, 2006

The Mozart Effect...and Others

One of the books I am currently reading is "The Mozart Effect". It's all about the healing powers of music based specifically on studies done with Mozart's music. Yes, all music seems to have transformative effects, as you've probably experienced. In this study, it was found again and again, regardless of listeners musical tastes, the music of Mozart had profound calming effects, and made them "smarter".

So the guy who wrote the book, Don Campbell, wrote about these findings in this other guy's study and then makes additional claims...I'm not sure this is based on his own research, but I'm sure it HAS been researched somewhere.

Here's a samplying of other types of music mentioned and the effects it brings about.

GREGORIAN CHANT is good for reducing stress.

SLOW BAROQUE MUSIC (Bach Handel, Vivaldi) creates feelings of safety, stability and order.

CLASSICAL MUSIC (Haydn, Mozart) improves concentration, memory and spacial perception.

IMPRESSIONISTIC MUSIC (Debussy, Faure) can unlock your creativity by unlocking the subconscious.

ROCK MUSIC (but he includes MICHEAL JACKSON as one example???!) can energize you, but that can also cause stress if your not emotionally up to being energized.

NEW AGE MUSIC induces a state of relaxed alertness.

I do know from experience that music has the power to change a mood and energy levels. Now that I'm reading this book though, I'll be taking a more consious look (listen) at this.

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