Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My Neighborhood

Besides my neighborhood Garden Club, which my last 2 posts have been about, here are a couple more reasons I've encountered the past day or two reminding me why I LOVE this neighborhood so much:

1. I was making some homemade biscuits. (sweet potato biscuits if you must know!) I had bought all the ingrediants I needed at the store but realized I did NOT have a rolling pin. But I didn't even think twice. This was NO problem. I've been in this cooking delimma before where I needed just one little item and didn't feel like running to the store. I called my 80-something year old couple across the street and asked if they had an extra rolling pin laying around and could I use it. Of course they did! After I baked my muffins I returned the pin and gave them a few muffins and they ate them right there in front of me just to show me how much they liked them.

2. My 80-something-else year old next door neighbor called me last night to tell me she set a trap to catch the "wild animal" that's been digging holes in her yard. She updated me this morning with a call that she had caught an oppossum and it was right outside my kitchen window and did I see it. YES I did. Eww gross. Oppossums are just ugly no matter their age! This one is a baby. So we think we've got a destructive little family around here, and we're fighting the good fight together.

I love my neighborhood. It's a slowed-down step back in time. Neighbors are so neighborly around here. If I can't yet live in the mountains somewhere and I'm instead in Dallas, this is really the best place for me to be...

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