Friday, September 8, 2006


Oh MY!!!! Whoa. Very serious drama. I did not know what I was getting myself into! One of the actresses in it was in the remake of "He Knows You're Alone"- how serious could this movie be?

Well, the answer is VERY SERIOUS. The main topic is incest. There you go. Such an ugly topic. And I thought the way it depicted it was so interesting, and from what I've heard on Oprah, probably pretty accurate. The relationship between the Dad and the daughter not violently abusive where he's sneaking into her room at night and forcibly raping her. They have what could appear to be a typical teenager/parent relationship. The dad drives the teenager crazy, she finds him to be too involved in her life, but she's still wanting his attention and approval. But the way she gets attention and approval from her father is so sad and so sick.

Her mother is a prescription drug ADDICT- She seems to be a fully functioning person on the outside but she passes out every night and is pretty out of it all of the time.

The family takes in the daughter of a friend who has just died. The girl has no parents and so this is now her family. When the story begins and the father runs into an aquantance at the drugstore she comments on how nice it is of he and his family to take this girl in. They appear to be a loving, normal family. But clearly they are SO not.

The "new girl" in the family is deaf and mute. Or is she? She starts to be the witness of what is going on between the dad and the daughter.

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