Saturday, October 14, 2006

Livin' Lavena Loca Part 2

Last weekend I decided to spend my Sunday baking cookies and then delivering them to my favorite neighbors. And of course, the cookies I chose to bake were the Livin' Lavena Loca cookies. I followed her directions. As the cookies baked, the smell of the almond extract filled my kitchen and thank GOD!, my whole house.

But when the buzzer went off about 10 minutes later, my little crescent shaped cookies had melted into one large flat piece of melted butter that covered the entire cookie sheet. Still, I tasted them. And they tasted DAMN good. However, something had clearly gone very wrong during the baking process and these were unsharable. So I ate a few inches, until my stomach hurt from all the butter involved.

I threw the rest away and decided I was way too exhausted to start over from scratch...NO PUN INTENDED. Baking day had come to an end.

On Thursday, I went into Potbelly and my friend, Missy, the Boss Lady of the place held up her version of the cookies she had baked after reading my blog. Her's were no where NEAR as flat as mine had been, but they weren't as rounded as Lavena's either. We discussed what might have gone wrong. Her's were still delicious, just didn't look quite as pretty as Lavena's. But I was so flattered that a) she's a reader of the blog and b) she baked the cookies and shared some of them with ME!

Well, I am officially on a mission. I WILL get to the bottom of this mystery. But for now, you might want to hold off on using the recipe I posted a week or so ago on this blog. I must have made some mistake. I apologize if you've already had any sort of cooking disaster like I did. I guess that's just a part of baking. Or maybe Lavena is holding out because she wants to remain famous for being the best cooking maker in town. Give me a little time...I'll get to the bottom of it.

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