Wednesday, May 1, 2013


I wrote this song right around this time last year...

"Mayday"- It's about the things that just don't seem to last long enough-  Which I've always thought was true of Spring.

Happy May, Everybody!  Enjoy the blooms, and the butterflies, and all things fleeting...
The buzz of Spring, and butterfly wings
My hearts a-flutter until there's a sting
What was once was sweet and couldn't be beat
Melts away in the thick of the heat

I'm calling Mayday, oh Mayday, oh Mayday
Save me from the crash
Mayday, oh Mayday, oh Mayday
I want this to last

The flowers bloom and hang on thru June
T'il the Springtime fades, endings always come too soon
The heat will rise, right before our eyes
The dangerous highs of a perfect Springtime


I'm standing barefoot in the sand
I'll sink when you let go of my hand


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