Monday, May 27, 2013

Music Monday- "Without You"

I just bought the Natalie Maines solo CD, "Mother", partly out of curiousity.  I haven't dug deep enough into it to have a clear opinion of the CD yet, but it is very different from what she's done in the past with the Dixie Chicks.  Her country twang seems just about completely gone, and somehow, her voice just doesn't stand out the way it did before.

But who knows, maybe I'll come to love "Mother" once I listen to it more.

I've noticed already that the songs are growing on me.  Sometimes, it's not even the ones I necessarily like, but they are pretty catchy.  I can't necessarily give her credit for that tho, because most all of the songs were written by someone other than her.

The opening track of the CD is "Without You", written by the uber talented, Eddie Vedder.  It was first appeared on his "Ukelele Songs" CD.  I love Eddie.  What a distinct voice he has.  Here's his version of "Without You", which I think is just beautiful.

Now, here's Natalie's version.  It's no longer a ukelele song, and isn't nearly as pretty, but just so you can check out how Natalie is looking and sounding these days, I chose it for today's installment of Music Monday.

Altho, for me, Natalie's version doesn't have the magic Eddie's does, how can I not give her a little respect for choosing such a great song to open up her CD?

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