Thursday, May 30, 2013

Thursday Matinee

Today,  my movie club of two went to see "What Maisie Knew."  It's based on a Henry James novel.  A very modern-ized version of it.

Maisie is the daughter of two terrible, selfish parents.  They basically use her as pawn to be cruel to each other post-divorce. Julianne Moore is a great actress.  I know this now more than ever.  Because I like usually her so much. In fact, she's the main reason I wanted to see the movie.  But her character was such a bitch, such a horrible person, that I just sort of hate her right now. 

I don't know who played the part of the little girl named Maisie, but she was so cute and played her part so well.  Ok, hold up-  Lemme go look up her name, because it wouldn't be right to leave that out... Ok, I just looked it up.  Her name is Onata Aprile

Maisie's divorced parents keep getting other people to take care of their little girl whenever their lives get in the way... Which is all the time.  Fortunately, altho they are complete assholes, they are lucky enough to somehow run across good people that take good care of Maisie.  She's her most safe, sound and happy when other people- sometimes even strangers!!, are caring for her.

I liked that the movie was told only thru scenes in which Maisie was present.  So you have the story told to you only thru what she sees and hears.  Cool way of doing it.

I promise to always take good care of you both!!!
I have no idea how strong the love towards your own kid could be- I can only compare it to how much I love Lucy and Ricky.  I would never, ever drop them off at a bar in NYC at night and assume the bartender inside is going to care for them.  I would never leave on a tour bus while they watched me drive away.  I would never neglect to pick them up from school. And I would never tell them their father is an asshole.  Even if he was! There are so many "I would nevers..." in this movie, that I feel pretty cool about my morals right now, just comparing myself to Julianne Moore's charactor.

As sad as it all sounds, believe it or not, the ending is happy. 

Lastly, I'd just like to mention that Maisie has the best child's haircut I've ever seen.  

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