Monday, May 13, 2013

Music on Monday- Brandi Carlile

I thinks it's cool when blogs have a regular feature.  As in each Saturday, they post a chicken recipe.  Or every Wednesday, they post a before and after picture of a thrift store purchase. I've tried to do it on my blog before, but by about the third week, I lose focus and then forget all about it.

But I'm gonna give it another shot.  Starting today.  So here it is, our first edition of Music on Monday. 

I love Brandi Carlile.  I have all of her studio CDs (although I just learned there are a few live CDs I don't have...yet). 
All are seriously just amazing.  But today, I'm really just talking about The Story CD.

When I dug it out the other day and put it in my car, it was familiar, but it wasn't a CD I had really listened to a lot.  I buy so many CDs, and sometimes so many at a time, that a few of them fall between the cracks so to speak.  Because of that, this almost feels like The Story is a new CD I'm only just now discovery. And I feel so lucky! (And also. so stupid that I didn't fully obsess over it the first time around!)

Pretty much every single song is great.  I think the only one I usual skip over is the 13th track... But that might be mainly because I know that about a minute or two after that final song ends is the "hidden track".  And the hidden track is one of my very favorites.  "Hiding My Heart Away".  Here is is:

After looking around for it on YouTube, I found that Adele covers it and does a version as well.  But in my opinion, Brandi sings it so much better.  Probably because she wrote it. 
The other stand out tracks, for me anyway, are "The Story", "Downpour" (oh, how I love the cello!), and "Shadow on the Wall".  But like I said, all the songs are really great.  If you don't already own it, or haven't downloaded it, you really should do it NOW.  I'll make it easy.  Just click here to go get it on Amazon!

I want to start a Brandi Carlile tribute band!!!

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Valerie said...

I like the idea of having a regular feature on the might get me to post more regularly. Now I need to figure out what to do.

I'm not familiar with Brandi Carlile...I like what I've heard so far. Thanks!