Friday, May 31, 2013

Cesar Millan Concert Review

First of all, and unrelated to the rest of this post, I am playing tonight (Friday, May 31) at Culpepper Steakhouse in Rockwall beginning around 7pm.   If you live over that way, I hope you'll stop in!  You don't have to eat if you don't wanna- I play in the big bar area with really comfy seating.  Sometimes it's intimate, and sometimes it's more lively with a bigger crowd.  Either way, I play my guitar and sing for a few hours for anyone who wants to listen! 

Ok, now-  onto the true essence of today's post!

Last night, my friend Elaine texted me last minute because she had an extra, super duper cheap, ticket to go see Cesar Millan, a.k.a. The Dog Whisperer, at the Winspear Opera House here in Dallas.  Of course I said yes, totally excited and surprised to learn that he not only rehabilitates dogs and trains people, but he also sings opera!!! 
Cesar Milan at the Winspear Opera House
One reason for the super duper cheap ticket pricing was because we were way high up in the nose bleed section.  Here was our view:
Dizzy-ing heights at the Winspear Opera House in Dallas
Although it wasn't sold out, it was a pretty packed house.  Lots of kids came along with their parents.  And lots of people were wearing their Cesar Millan concert t-shirts.  (For realz.  They were.)  Good people watching for sure.

Disappointingly, there was no opera singing by Cesar.  Instead, he gave his usual spiel about dog psychology- "No touch, no talk, no eye contact", "Exercise, discipline, then affection", and "If you don't treat a dog like a dog, you're not respecting the animal" were ideas that were thrown around on stage throughout the night.  He brought along his very charming sidekick, Junior.

Cesar and Junior
The first half of the show was a little disappointing.  Anyone who watches Cesar's show (and I'm pretty sure most of the people that were there totally do!) probably learned nothing new.  But, Cesar's a pretty charasmatic guy so he delivered it well.  The second half of his show (yep, there was an intermission) was a little better.  Some people from "Paws in the City", a rescue group here in Dallas, brought some dogs on stage that needed a little rehab from Cesar.  With each case, the over all answer was the human's energy needs to be calm and assertive so the dog can be balanced.  There was also a Q & A segment, and the general answer to most of those problems addressed were "Your dog needs more exercise". 

Pretty simple.  Pretty basic.  But watching Cesar around dogs is magical.  Like he says, they do seem to be very aware of his energy and they get calm with him almost immediately. 

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