Friday, May 3, 2013

This Week at Estate Sales!

I had grounded myself from going to estate sales for the last several weeks.  Although it's one of my favorite things to do, it's also really time consuming.  And if you hit a few bad ones in a row, it feels like a waste of time.   I decided I needed to take a little break, and perhaps my luck would change and I'd start stumbling on some good ones again.

This week, I found two estate sales that started on Wednesday!  I had a free morning, and both of them were fairly close to my house, so who was I to say no to that?

I loved both of the sales!  They were in older homes-  One of them even had all the original carpeting, wallpaper, and appliances inside.  And although it was all dated, it was in good shape...  Which communicates to me that these people loved and took care of their stuff!  In other words, vintage items in good shape.  Yay!!!

I found all these things from one of the sales...
All this stuff from  one little estate sale!
The frame I'm going to use for a project-- which I'll be sure to post about soon!
I got a sweet plant holder to put outside in a garden area.  Altho you can barely see it in the picture, the metal thing, bottom left corner, was a dinner bell, hung on the wall of their kitchen. I plan on using it as a windchime.   In the clear little box (to the left of the framed painting), were some vintage beads and buttons.

Small vintage English bowl, with small Monet vintage pin.
I love to find pretty little bowls to keep my trinkets in, like this one pictured above!
Small vintage bud vase
I think this little bud vase is maybe the cutest vase ever.  And at just a $1, how could I say no?  What?!  $1?  Yep, $1.
Ornate pin cushion
I may have to take up sewing so that I'll have a need for a pin cushion after finding this one.  I just couldn't walk away from it.  I certainly didn't need this.  But one of the things I love about estate sales is finding the unexpected treasure.  This is a treasure for sure.  And yes, quite unexpected!

Music box that plays "Tenderly"
And lastly, this little music box...  I'm a sucker for music boxes.  Mom use to give them to me, so I have a nice collection.  Anytime I see a special one, I think of it as a gift from her...  This one plays a song called, "Tenderly" which I actually haven't heard before, but it is a melody I just couldn't resist!

These estate sales might have been time-consuming, but a waste of time?  No way!!

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