Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Jodi Arias Trial- Verdict Reached!

This trial has been ruling my life for months!  It's had near constant coveraged on HLN and people have become obsessed with it.  I am one of those people.

I went to my yoga class today, but rather than go out to lunch after, I opted to come home, because honestly, I was thinking, "What if the verdict comes in today and I miss it?" 

I just got home, flipped on HLN, and within about ten minutes, I saw this:
Thank you, Yoga, for giving me that clarity I needed to help me skip the Potbelly sandwich and come straight home instead!  Although the verdict won't be announced for a couple of hours, I want to watch all the pre-verdict hoopla!

After hearing all the evidence, it seems so clear to me that Jodi committed premeditated first degree murder... So I am really hoping the jury saw it that way as well...

Stay tuned.  I am. :) 

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