Tuesday, April 30, 2013


I recently finished reading a memoir called, MWF seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche.  I loved that book so much that I actually wish Rachel Bertsche was my BFF.  It was super funny, very relatable, and entertaining from beginning to end.

You would think that her quest of going on a year long quest in search of a new friend BFF would get boring after the first 10 pages or so.  But nope.  When I got to the last page of the book, I was still very interested, and wasn't really ready for the book to end.  It's really got me thinking a lot about my own friendships.  About how we need different friends, for different occasions. We need friends that we do art classes with.  We need other friends that we can tell our secrets to.  We need friends that make us laugh.  And friends who tell us the truth.  We need reliable friends, and also unpredictable ones.  Different friends, for different occasions.

More than anything, it's got me thinking about how I put way to many expectations on my husband to be my BFF, and to serve all those roles that girlfriends can, and do.

I spend more time with my husband than anyone.  By far.  (Besides Ricky and Lucy, that is!)  Partly because we live together, partly because I really like him, and partly because... well, I'm lazy.

To see friends, I actually have to make plans.  They have lives and families of their own, so I can't just expect them to be available when I have a last minute want for a friend to go to grab a Starbucks with.

In the book, Rachel was so busy going out with new friends left and right.  52 new people in a year! There is no way I could handle that.  I would just be to emotionally exhausted.  I can only handle so much socializing for it to feel good.  Too much and I end up feeling like I need to detox.

But I know it would do me good to spend a little more time with friends in my life that I already have.  And it would also take a little pressure off of my husband.  And my dogs. 

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