Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Magic of Thinking BIG

My brother had recommended this book to me a few weeks back-
The Magic of Thinking Big by Dr. David Schwartz
I've only just begun to read it, but I have to say, it's got me thinking. 

My brother, Fleetwood, says it was a really inspiring book for him.  Well, apparently so.  My brother is most definitely a big thinker!  When he started up Villy Customs, his custom cruiser bike company, he didn't just think, "I want to have a little cruiser bike company."  He thought, "I want to have the most popular and successful cruiser bike company in the WORLD."
A Villy Custom Cruiser Bike.
 And he's well on his way.  He has been in all sorts of publications, appeared on Shark Tank (where two of the sharks invested half a million dollars in his company!), has had his bikes as a prize on the Price is Right, and seriously, it just goes on and on for him.  I can't even keep up with all that he's done with his company so far.  And that's just so far.

He's always been a big thinker.  So I'm sure The Magic of Thinking Big really spoke to him and backed up what he already knew.

Me on the other hand?... Well, I'm a pretty small thinker.  Sometimes I pride myself on it.  My life is simple.  I'm really very happy.  My wants are few.  As a musician, I've been happy just to stay local and play at little public venues, small festivals, and some weddings here and there.  Having a couple of my songs played on the local radio station was thrilling beyond what I imagined.  If my brother had been me though, he would have set his sights on winning "Best Songwriter of All Time" at the Grammy's.  (I realize that is currently not a category, or award, but he just might have made it happen!)

And as for my jewelry business, I've been super happy with the few sales I've had since opening my Resparkable Vintage shop at Etsy.  If I could sell just a couple of pieces each week throughout the year, I'd feel very fortunate.

But that's small potatoes in the big thinker world.

If I could allow my imagination to soar higher and bigger, it might just happen.  You've got to think big to be big. 

So I'm gonna try to at least become a medium sized thinker for now....
I'll try to write a few posts about it as I go along with my journey into thinking bigger.

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