Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lucy Has a Play Date

Lucy got to go over and play with a new little friend today.
Lucy and Maggie
My friend rescued this dog, after his friend found it under a car one day.  (A parked car that is!)  People who desert dogs suck.  However, it was lucky for Steve, and for Maggie!  Maggie is Steve's first dog!!!  And he hit the jackpot with her-- She's super cute, and very sweet!

I was so proud of Lucy for respecting that Maggie was way smaller than her and sort of delicate looking.  She didn't play so rough with her, the way she does with Ricky. 
She did, however, get a little show-offy when it came to catching her frisbee.  She did a little friendly growling if Maggie got too close to her favorite pink frisbee.
The Queen Bee gets her frisbee every time!
Don't worry, Ricky gets to go over to Maggie's house next time! He can't wait...

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