Friday, December 1, 2006

Oh! The Weather Outside...

I can remember as a kid LOVING big weather changes. I LOVED violent thunderstorms especially when we were at school and got to get under our desks during tornado warnings. I was never scared, just excited. And then of course, the "snow days" were the greatest! I remember watching the news really early in the morning to find out our school was closed for the day! Ya-HOO!
Once I became a teacher, I felt exactly the same way. In a fairly recent phone conversation with my sister (who now lives in Seattle which lacks the thunderstorms like we have here in Dallas) during some "severe weather event" we were having in Dallas she said something like, "Well, Kerri, if for some reason you ever die in a tornado or something, I'll know that you died happy" And she's probably right.

So having said all that, even tho I knew the weather was NOT so frightful as the Channel 8 News Team reported solidly during the entire day yesterday, the fire was so delightful! I took their warnings as a great excuse to stay home and do nothing. Close to it anyway. I read an entire novel. I saw a movie. And I ate Mexican food. All were very appropriate activites for the blizzard we experienced here in Dallas yesterday.

And I have to say, the night before WAS very exciting. Around 4pm the temperature was about 80. And it was dropping so fast that it was around freezing by the time I went to bed. Not only was there talk of snow and ice on the way, but we were under a tornado watch!!! All my favs! YAY! I could've died right then and been happy-

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