Wednesday, December 6, 2006

Mammogram Part 2

The mammogram was so NOT want I had been told. It didn't, after all, feel like my breast (can you I use another word here? boobie? teets?) were having a garage door shut on them as I had been told it might. Whew.

The place I went, which was at Presbyterian Hospital, used a "digital" machine which is new and I was told, much better than the old one. I'm not sure if she meant "better": "less painful" or "better": "more accurate at seeing things". But hey, it was BETTER. And I was nervous and not asking many questions at that point.

My boob technician, Cindy, was SO nice- One of those women who calls you endearing names like "angel" and "sweetheart" everytime she utters a sentence. And I LIKE that. She told me as long as I didn't fight the machine I'd be fine. I hadn't planned on fighting the machine so it all worked out really well.

Within ten minutes of some awkwardness but no pain, I was done! And I got to see what it looked like. She said in all the 30 years of doing this, she got the best pictures from me!!! I don't even know what that means, but I was really PROUD!!! ;)


trixi said...

Sniff - I'm just so proud too!

Very glad it went smoothly, now I have no more excuses to not get mine. And I'll remember to let the machine win. : )

Rrramone said...

Woohoooo! You said boobies. :-) Glad it went ok!

elaine said...

Shewww. I know the feeling of anxiousness anticipation waiting for those results. I am proud of you for being so brave and asking good questions! Good going! And thanks for telling us about is so very motivating to know we girls are not alone in this boob smashing process. love, elaine