Thursday, December 28, 2006

Style of the 00's

Since I've been watching the "That Girl" dvd's and just re-loving the late 60's style, it's made me very aware of the "styles" of today. But I cannot figure out WHAT that style is!

I mean the 60's were mini skirts, go-go boots, Jackie O, and of course, That Girl!
The 70's were polyester Sat. Night Fever look, big collars and platforms.
The 80's were leggings, big sweaters, Flashdance, shoulder pads, ME in Jr. High.
The 90's were grunge and layers.

So WHAT are we of the 00's going to be remembered for?

Maybe it's hard to label something when you're still in the thick of it. I've posed this question all week to just about anyone I've spoken with. The only true thing (also sad thing) that anyone has come up with is: the low, low-riders, short tight shirts, and belly-button piercings. But that's already over, so what else?!

On that same note,the other day my friend made the comment that little older ladies have there own kind of style and that maybe they just stopped in a certain era they felt good about and that was age appropriate. And then we wondered what fashion era we would get stuck in and stay in as we grew into our "little old lady" phase...

As you can see, I've been doing serious soul searching this holiday season!

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Rrramone said...

My theory: fashion has been completely deconstructed, everyting is always in style, and there will be no more decades where everyone wears the same stuff. :-)