Friday, December 8, 2006

I'm Committing

A few years ago when my friend was in town, we decided to use my brand new home studio to record a song she and I had written when we were in about 6th grade. It was just a little ditty that we wrote when we were pissed at one of my other friends. We had written it as a joke all those years ago, and the decision to record it all these years later was just hilarious.

So we stayed up late into the night laying down all these different trackes...the guitar, vocals, harmony, percussion, and keyboard. We also filmed ourselves and made a mockumentary. It was one of the funnest nights I've ever had. She commented at the time, "GOD! This is so fun- How do you ever leave your house?"

Ironically, now a few years later as I'm ready to record songs for my next cd, I just cannot barely MAKE myself go in there and start working on it. I know if I just got started, it would probably feel good. But I find myself avoiding it in all sorts of ways. Like for example, writing this blog right now!

What is the dill, pickle?

This is the time when I need a boss telling me to get my ass in there and DO IT!!! Or a cheerleader saying "You can do it! YAY!!" I'm just going to have to be my own boss and cheerleader this time. So I am stating it here and now thinking perhaps this will encourage some accountability, I'm going to spend at least 1 hour a day working/playing (using the word play is suppose to make it sound more appealing so I've been told!) in my studio every day for a week. If I survive the week, maybe I'll extend it to 21 days. And if I get thru the 21 days, well then it might just become a habit. And then VOILA, the sky's the limit!!!

I'm excited just thinking of the possibilities...See, the energy is already changing!!!!
Give me a K-E-R-R-I!!!!!

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big city baby said...

Get yer ass in there and DO IT!!!
And keep in mind how envious I am that you get to do this for a living! Our recording session was one of my favorite days of all time, so if you need any keyboard, guitar, or backup vocals....