Monday, December 4, 2006


Tommorrow I have an appointment to get my first ever mammogram. This is just a "base line" that my doctor told me to get a couple of years ago. She told me that right around the time my mom died so of course, I blew it off initially. Then I went through a severe stage of thinking every ache or pain or itch I had was cancer and I was too scared to go. (I think this is common when you lose someone to cancer, right?)

But then I realized I should just go ahead and GO. And I like the idea of going for a "base line" a lot better than going because we've found something "suspicious". So a few weeks ago I made the appointment. I asked to speak to someone who could explain the procedure to me. She said something about mashing your breast between the blah, blah, blah (I don't think those were her exact words) and then I interjected, "I have really small breasts. Will that be a problem?" and she said, "Honey, we've had flat chested women as well as men. You won't have a problem at all."

I guess I asked to speak to her to get a feel for how kind and patient these people were. But even when I could hear how nice she was I still kept asking my questions. And I think I was hoping she'd tell me that once I revealed that I don't have huge breasts that can easily be manhandled in this mammogram machine there was really no need to come in.

Anyway, I know what they say about screening, early detection and all that. But it's one of those things you just want to ignore. But I know my mom would tell me to go. And so...tomorrow I will.

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julie said...


Where's the burning question??? I love that feature, even though I wait a while to visit and then BURN through a bunch of them at once. This was my moment to update, and no burning questions!!!!

Well, I'll tell you my opinion on mammogram. I think it is a personal decision--with no one right answer. Most things are like that. There are pros and cons to mammograms. You can probably guess what my personal choice was on this.

I wish you a clear mind and a clean mammogram!