Monday, December 18, 2006

Age is Just a Number

If my mom were still around (other than just in my heart and my head) she would've turned 71 this past weekend. 71! And I can tell you, she would've been looking a good 10-15 years younger than that sounds.

That's not to say my mom ever did anything "fake" to perserve who youthful looks. She was just pretty and sweet and happy and vibrant and funny and THAT all added up to seeming younger than she was. When I was a kid, 70-ish sounded old. But with examples like my mom, I know that age is "just a number".

My mom is my role model of how to age beautifully and naturally. When I look at pictures of her from just a few years ago, growing older doesn't seem like a bad thing. I aspire to do it as gracefully as she did!


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wow, is it your mom's picture? if yes then you are absolutely right. She is such charmer even she doesn't look like a mom though. Great to see she maintained her beauty

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