Friday, December 15, 2006

The Secret of a 60 Year Marriage

My favorite neighbors, Alice and Rex, are celebrating their 60th wedding anniversary next week! So the other day when we were chatting I asked her what was the secret to this long marriage of theirs... She told me something about "give and take" and about having a good sense of humor. Then one of my other neighbors walked up and I told her Alice and Rex were about to celebrate 60 years of marriage. She told me she and her husband had that beat- 62 years!! So, I asked her the same question. And the first thing she said was, "Well, get married young!" Yeah, I guess you better if you want that long of a marriage!!!

Anyway, during our little discussion they both told me marriage is "no bed of roses" and that THAT is one reason why the sense of humor is so important. But Alice was sure to add that she and Rex really, really love each other and just couldn't live without one another...

I'm not so sure there is some big "secret" to a long marriage. There are ups and downs, there is good and bad. But having a partner and a witness of your whole life?!!! There's a big comfort in the thought of that. I'm so glad I have a few examples in my life that show me that it IS possible!

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