Tuesday, November 28, 2006

IKEA Madness

I've heard how BIG IKEA is. I've heard how crowded it is. And so, I've stayed away from that store and all its hype. The image I have is so unappealing...

But I needed to find a (cheap) simple table and (cheap) simple book shelves and people kept suggesting I try this out, and so finally today, I did.

First of all, the store is so big that I actually felt nervous I would get lost and not ever find my way back out. It's also so big that I have no idea if I saw all of it or just parts of it. But I knew pretty quickly, I wanted out.

It was just overwhelming to me. There may very well have been something in there that would've been just perfect for me but I would've had no idea how to find it, or what to do once I did. So I just grabbed a catalogue and headed for the EXIT signs. And then I kept following the exit signs until FINALLY I saw the door.


1 comment:

Rrramone said...

IKEA rocks. You have to face your fears baby. :-)