Sunday, November 19, 2006

Easy Like a Sunday Morning

Ahhhhh....Sunday mornings are just the best!

I don't regularly attend church (or honestly, even irregularly) but I do have my own version of church and how I feel spirtiually connected on Sundays.

I think the world, or at least the one I live in, moves slower on Sundays. There's no hurry to get up. There's no schedule to follow. There's no appointments. I actually didn't get out of bed until 10:30 today. That's really late for me. I read for a while, drifted back to sleep, woke up and just rambled stupid stuff to my husband, trying to rouse him from his own lazy morning.

I actually enjoy the Sunday paper. I think the typical "bad news" is more balanced out because there are more comics and they're in color! And they throw in coupons, and even a magazine called Parade!!! Yay! I love a parade! And of course, we've got a travel section.

And breakfast is more than just 1/2 a banana on most Sundays. There's time for scrambled egges and Sweet Potato Pancakes, or if we're feeling out-of-control crazy, there's even sometimes donut holes!

Most Sundays, like most days, I still do my run. Or I walk my dogs on a l-o-n-g walk. But I don't feel compelled to get a real "work out" in on a Sunday-

So many of my Sundays I spend a few hours with my friend Elaine in the afternoon. We tell each other how great we are, we share our profound thoughts with each other, and we laugh and laugh and laugh.

I love Sundays. There's no hurry, there's no worry... All days should be so easy like a Sunday morning!

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