Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Thinking of and Tinkering with PINK

I have spent the week picking out the pink for my ROOM! (The spare bedroom I am finally converting into my "office", altho I hate that word, "office" and all that it implies: Work?! Urgh. SO, it's more like Kerri's Playroom...)

I started off conservatively with a light pink called Carnation Pink. But urgh!!! Light colors just DON'T do it for me, even if it's pink. So then I liberally slapped on a very HOT pink called Tiger Pink. GRRRRRR. Personally, I liked it, altho didn't love it. but a friend of mine saw it and said, "I'm a little concerned once it's on all four walls it's just going to be overwhelming...Ok, no-- I'm a LOT concerned." My husband said it looked like Pepto Bismal. I told him to shut his pie hole, then he got out the Pepto and compared it to my wall...and Oh My! he was right. So then I shut my pie hole. I went BACK up to the paint store.

So then I went with an in-between pink with the pleasant sounding name of "Pink Bauble"- Not as appealing as TIGER Pink, but the color is probably better. This time, instead of painting just a large square, I painted the whole wall. When THE MAN got home, he didn't say anything negative about it. He might have even said something somewhat complimentary. But at this point, the paint fumes had already gotten to me, so I'm not sure.

Anyway, last night I bought a can of Primer and 2 gallons of Pink Bauble. So I'm more commited to this color than I had been to the other two. 8 times more comitted as a matter of fact! This morning and most of the day I primed the wall. I decided enough was enough. I had a headache and burning eyeballs to match and decided it best to take a break until tomorrow. I am so eager to get the pink up there and see how 4 walls will look...

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