Tuesday, November 7, 2006

Chivalry Is (NOT Really) Dead

Because of my spine issues, I need someone to carry my amp and guitar up the ladder to my perch when I'm playing at Potbelly. I almost always have to ask for help (which I hate) and I often get the sense that it is begrungingly done. I ask nicely and I always say thank you. I DON'T take the help I get for granted, but still I can tell some of the "boys" (and I do mean boys, not men) seem very annoyed by my request for help.

Being that this is a public blog, I won't name names here...but URGH! It just seems sort of ridiculous that I am now sure that some are not only not cool with helping me, but have complained about it!!! OH MY GOSH. Meanies. And who I thought was most helpful was the one complaining the MOST?!!! Makes me so sad.

But I cannot say "Chivalry is Dead" because there are still plenty of men out there who open doors for me and other ladies and do all sorts of sweet and helpful things. And I for one, LOVE THAT.

I know that it's in my best interest not to post a blog in anger, so I'm flipping this one to gratitude for the people, men and women, who do kind acts for others on a regular basis. I see it all the time...

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