Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Here's a Little Proof...

Okay, I made the post about how SOME people forget there manners, and aren't so interested in helping others. But then I clarified that there's still plenty of kindness out there and "I see it all the time". And I do. For example:

I JUST got back from Home Depot. I was there to look at their magazines for ideas on decorating my "Dream Room". I had no intention of buying a $10 magazine for one picture, so I brought my little journal to jot some ideas down.

First, an employee came over and offered me his marker to write with because I couldn't find one. He told me he had plenty and I could just keep it. THEN another employee brought me a comfortable chair to sit in and said, "This will be a lot better than the floor!"

So there you have it. It happens all the time. Kindness. It's all around... I've just got to be aware of it and focus and those people that spread the good around rather than the others that forget to...

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