Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Missing Birthdays

URGH! So last weekend my friend came into town to visit her family and go to her college reunion. I spent one of her days here with her and at the end of our visit, she happened to be on the phone with her brother and made a reference to her birthday. Until she said that, it never occured to me that THIS was the reason, or at least another part of the reason for her visit. She's been my friend SINCE 4TH GRADE, and I forgot her birthday.

Then today I flip on my computer and read an email sent to me yesterday from my sister's husband reminding me that "today" (yesterday) is her birthday. I've been calling her all week and she's been calling me...We keep having to leave voicemails because our schedules just haven't jived...But never once did it occur to me that yesterday was her birthday.

What my friend had said when I was wigging out over forgetting her birthday is probably just what my sister will say when I apologize about forgetting HER birthday: That it's no big deal. But IT IS!!! I don't think it's important to put the correct amount of candles in the cake at this point, but oh my gosh, the birthday man or woman should get a card, or balloons, or a cupcake, or at the very least, a phone call on their birthday from the people that love them.

And these are two of my most loved people. Happy Belated Birthday!!!

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