Wednesday, November 22, 2006

The Meal Before the Feast

Tommorow is Thanksgiving...And while it's really all about giving thanks, it is also about the big feast that you share with some of those you're thankful for. Usually that meal includes turkey. And rarely does it involve Mexican food.

Which is why I find it so vital to eat Mexican food the day before. I tend to demand Mexican food before a vacation (because most places I travel don't have Mexican food), and before Thanksgiving and Christmas. Those are the days it's very hard to come by enchilades or tacos. If I know I can't have it, well, that's when I want it the most.

So I was so happy when my friend suggested we eat at Blue Mesa for lunch today. I got my cheese enchiladas and even got to bring a little home in a to-go box. So if I need it, I've still got a little stash I'll have with me tomorrow. And I will be thankful for yet another thing in this world... Mexican Food!!!

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