Friday, January 24, 2014

Unique Repurposed Vintage Assemblage Necklace

I worked on this repurposed vintage assemblage necklace over the past couple of days.

vintage floral shoe clip repurposed into assemblage necklace
It just may be my favorite necklace of all time.  The floral pink and red vintage shoe clip is just gorgeous and so unique.  I've never seen another like it!  Although the antique gold has worn off a bit, as you can see in the photos, in my opinion, that only adds to the charm!  All the rhinestones, including the little teeny ones along the bottom and bordering the top of the red "leaves", are still intact!  STUNNING.

The only "new" components to this necklace are the small pink bead strand and the lobster clasp in back.  I found the chunky chain during one of my estate sale days, a friend gave me the vintage red beads, and I have some vintage bead caps I was able to use on those.

I made it pretty short in length, because it just looked best when it was just at the base of the neck.  I really wanted to highlight that clip, and make sure that it was in the easiest place for eyes to fall.

I photographed it, because I plan to post it up in the Resparkable Vintage Etsy store.  But I haven't listed it yet... I'm not sure I can stand to part with it.  I know I'll never see another one like it.  Not even close.

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