Thursday, January 23, 2014

Estate Sales in Dallas This Weekend

I quickly, and I mean quickly! went to 3 estate sales this morning.

The first, was at 6242 La Vista.  It was advertised in big, bold letters as being the estate of Willetta Stellmacher.  It said, "she was a ravishing beauty in her youth, a dancer at Chicago’s prestigious Edgewater Beach Hotel, the steady girlfriend of a Chicago mobster, and a lady who rubbed elbows with famous singers and bandleaders.  After years traveling the country, Willetta returned to Dallas and put her business skills to work managing hundreds of apartments in Texas and California.  This is the lady Whitney and his staff are paying tribute to starting this Wednesday." Tons of beautiful art, furniture, antiques and collectables.  And all of it out of my price range today.  If you're looking for inexpensive little knick knacks paddy wacks, this one probably isn't the one for you.  But it's fun to look through everything and to see the inside of a house like this one!  They were even selling some of the gorgeous chandeliers.  I'm pretty sure the house is in the historical district, so hopefully it cannot and will not be bulldozed down, but instead someone will come in a restore it.

I also went to one at 2105 J.J. Pearce in Richardson. The house was full of a lot of vintage 50s, 60s, and 70s furniture and decor.  It was okay.  Prices weren't great in general, and costume jewelry was a little over priced.  Nothing for me-- boo hoo.

Fortunately for me, the 3rd one was a charm.   It was done by David C. Turner, and I always like he and his wife's sales.  They're fair, nice people.  Theirs this weekend is at 5719 Greenbrier in Dallas. Again, this one had lots of vintage 50s, 60s and 70s, but at better prices!  Here's what I took away from that one:
small vintage bowl, vintage decorative trinket holder, vintage pin
The small bowl was only $1.50.  And I got the fancy little dish for $1.  Which made me super happy.  Because LOOK!!!...
outside view of porcelain trinket dish
inside view with previous price tag! 
I love little bowls and dishes like those.  I put them on my shelves and put little trinkets in them.  I also put them in the drawers and use them as cute containers for all sorts of things.  It's just a pretty way to organize things.

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