Thursday, January 16, 2014

Estate Sales in Dallas This Weekend

I haven't been to many estate sales lately~ mainly, because there haven't been many, with the holidays and all.  So today, I hit a couple that had a Thursday start and will run thru the weekend.

The first was at 5748 Lindenshire Ln. (Dallas).  It was fairly small, but plenty of stuff to look at and the prices were great.  I got this vintage owl trivet for only $1.  This owls nice and big.  I've made the mistake in the past of buying small trivets, but they just aren't very functional.  This one is not only functional, but cute-- and very wise! Whoot! Whoot!
vintage owl trivet
There was a table in the front room of items they hadn't yet priced.  I found a few vintage pins and got them for a steal!  Although I like it when things already have the price tags, I tend to get some of my best deals when I can just ask how much something is. 
a few vintage pins- the fancy bird totally cracks me up! 
After going to this estate sale where the prices where more than fair, it was such a turn off to go to the next one, because there, everything was way overpriced!  And to make it even worse: no vintage jewelry.  That one was on 7003 Southridge.  But don't even bother until they start marking stuff down.  I did however, like the house!  And I think it's for sale. 

That's all for my field reporting out in the world of estate sales for today.  There are several more tomorrow, and I have a feeling I'll make it to at least a couple.  I will certainly report back here to let you know if I recommend them or not.

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