Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Rocky Mountain High, Colorado

For Christmas, Fermin gave me a cute pink down jacket and surprised me with a trip to Colorado.  My first question, of course, was, "Have you made arrangements for Ricky and Lucy?"  And just like the Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky that he is, he said, no, he hadn't.

"You're seriously leaving us here?"
But I called up a few neighbor friends, asked if they could partake in care for the pups, and they all gave an enthusiastic, "Yes!" response.  Such short notice, but thank God, I've got neighbors that are friends too.  One pair of neighbors were the official dog walkers.  Another neighbor was the official meal time gal and was in charge of tucking them in at night.  Yet another neighbor said she's stop over just to give them a little extra love.  Because can the Ricardo's ever get enough love and affection?!  Probably not

Still, it was hard leaving them behind...  I thought I was going to cry.

But I didn't.  Because I knew they'd be well cared for and loved on, and that we would get to see them in less than a week. 

We flew into Denver, and it was 72 degrees!  It was 30 degrees colder in Dallas.  What the what?! 

Fermin got us a great apartment rental on the top floor of a hotel/living building.  Our view from the 37th floor was amazeballs...
our room with a view- downtown, Denver CO
And it was huge!  I'm not kidding, nearly as big as our house.  Which, I guess, is another way of saying that our house is not so big.  :)  I kept thinking we would have had plenty of room for Lucy and Ricky.  They could've even had their own bath and bedroom.  But it was pretty romantic, it being just the two of us.

We stayed in Denver a few days, ate many great meals, and got to see the downtown area of Denver for the first time. 

Then it was time to drive to the mountains of Breckenridge.
gorgeous drive from Denver to Breckenridge

The temperature had already dropped in Denver by that time, and it just got colder as we approached higher elevation. 

i can ALWAYS find a bead shop!
beads from Colorado
I've gone to Colorado many times during my life.  And anytime I've gone during the winter, it was for skiing.  But I have to confess:  I didn't ski!  The day we intended to ski ended up being very cold, and very snowy.  I just couldn't talk myself in to getting excited to ski.  And the cool thing is, I didn't have to!  Fermin went without me, and I just shopped around in all the cute little shops in town.   Of course, I was able to find the local bead shop!

My neighbors took great care of Lucy and Ricky.  And every day, I got at least one text up-to-dating me on how they were doing.  They also sent me lots of cute pictures.

pretty littly Lucy
handsome Ricky
We had so much fun, and before we knew it, it was time to fly home.
leaving on a jet plane. ok, not a jet.  but yes. a plane.
We were greeted sweetly by the pups, as I knew we would be.  Lucy was so happy she cried for about 30 minutes straight.  Ricky was equally as excited, but he handled himself like a man.
toys and bones, scattered all over.
I love Colorado.  And Fermin planned this trip out so well for us.  We had a great, great time. It was the perfect amount of time away from home.  (Any longer, and I might have cried harder than Lucy did.)

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