Friday, January 31, 2014

This Week's Estate Sales in the Dallas Area

I didn't go to many estate sales this week (relatively speaking), but I went 3 days in a row!
3 days of estate sales, and this was what I came home with.
This week, I had some special guests join me!  Always more fun with a pal, I say! 

I invited my brother to go to an estate sale with me that started on Wednesday because it was one street over from a house he lived in about 15 years ago, and I figured it'd be fun!  Well, it wasn't a great one, but of course it was fun anyway!  And I did make it home with a little jewelry.  This one was on 4330 Middleton, in the Preston Hollow area.  The last day is Saturday, and I bet you can get some great deals if anything's left (but I'm pretty sure it will all be junk because it already was mostly junk on Day 1) Like I said, this one started Wednesday.  Oh, and the house is a tear down, so they gotta get everything out of there ASAP. 

Thursday, I hit a few by myself.  One was on 11031 Joymeadow.  It was hosted by a company called "Attics to Basements".  I've gone to many of their sales, and they're pricing is clearly set for the day when everything is 50%.  It's a rip off if you go on opening day before they take a big percentage off.  Way over priced. I'm officially not going to their sales anymore.  OFFICIALLY.  However, that sale is still going on tomorrow (Saturday) and with that being the final day, maybe the prices will be more in the ballpark of fair. Maybe. But I'm done with them, and you won't hear me speak of them again. 

I went to one in Lakewood, at 6406 Marquita, put on by David C. Turner.  I found a few things there- a cute pink floral dish from France, another blue floral dish, and a pewter bowl with a squirrel on the edge.  I bought the squirrel dish to hold Fermin's collection of vintage cuff links.  The funny thing is, he hates squirrels because they are so destructive to our yard and terrorizing to Lucy and Ricky, so I thought the dish was especially funny.  Next time he goes to get his cufflinks, he'll see it- SURPRISE!  :)
Fermin's gonna go nuts when he sees his new cufflink dish!
 I also bought a necklace and a gorgeous bracelet.  The bracelet was for sure my treasure of the day! I mention David Turner and his wife, Martie's company on this blog often.  They put on great estate sales and I always try to make it to the ones they are running.  Very fair, and very nice.

I also went to one at 3151 Merrell where I found an $8 Alpaca sweater.  I was cold when I saw it, which explains my impulse buy.  But I do like it.  And it is warm.
My illustrated Alpaca sweater, just in case anyone wonders what it's made of.

By Friday, I didn't even plan to go to any estate sales, but I got a text early in the morning from my friend, Steve, asking me if I was going to any.  So, because I'm all about doing for others, I found one for us to go to.  It was interesting because it was the estate of the former personal assistant to Stanley Marcus.  Loads of stuff. 
Yep, I look stupid in a fur coat! 
A roomful of size 6 shoes, lots of fur coats (see side photo), lots of Asian artwork, tons of collectables, the prettiest bookmarks I've ever seen (and I regret not getting one!), lots of stuff from Neiman Marcus, (of course)-- a LOT to look at.  It just started today, and tomorrow is the last day.  I highly recommend checking it out!  Hopefully, they will offer a discount tomorrow.  It was all a little high for me today, and I left with nothing, but it was fun! 

So that's a wrap for this week!  Happy estate sale-ing!

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