Friday, January 3, 2014

3 New Year's Resolutions

What is with the relatively new movement of having a word for the new year, rather than good, old-fashioned resolutions?  The first time I heard the idea, I thought it was sort of cool, and something I could lazily get behind. Then over the last couple of years, more and more people started talking about, and posting their word, and I decided that NO. This "One Word" movement is not for me.

Sort of like twitter.

I set up a Twitter account. And even tweeted a few times. But only 140 characters per tweet.? Ug. And all that hash tagging and at symboling? I just can't grasp it.

I'll stick with blogging. Good, old-fashioned blogging.

AND, good, old-fashioned resolutions.

I think I've lapsed over the last few years in actually declaring my New Year's Resolutions. But I always have goals. By writing them down, especially on my blog!, it's bound to be more encouraging than just goals (that tend to get lost) floating around in my head.

So here they 2014 New Year's Resolutions!

1. Cook more.
Because I love to cook new recipes. Occasionally, they turn out great. And almost always, my husband tells me it turned out good, even when it didn't. The only time I hate cooking, is when I feel rushed, or realize I'm missing a necessary ingredient. Or two. This resolution, like all of mine this year, should be fun, and good for me. I just gotta be sure to plan ahead.

2. Get back to playing learning games with my dogs.
I'm currently reading Chaser: Unlocking the Genius of the Dog That Knows 1,000 Words.  It's so interesting AND it's also very inspiring. There is nothing I love more than connecting with Lucy and Ricky. I know they love learning, so I wanna get back to playing fun learning games with them. I've been a little lazy this past year, but I'm stepping it up in 2014! They deserve all the time and attention I can possibly give them.

3. Work a lot more on promoting my Resparkable Vintage shop on Etsy.
I think thru blogging, Instagram, Facebook, taking great photos and tagging things well, I can up the traffic and therefore put a little more of my handmade jewelry out into the world.  I am obsessed with vintage jewelry. I love repurposing jewelry. I don't spend enough time on the promoting side of things, but this year, I will! I love blogging, Instagram, Facebook, etc, so I'm going to remember: this is fun! All of its fun!

That's it. Just those 3 resolutions. Good things come in 3s. 3 is my lucky number. And, at least for me, better than just one word.

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