Thursday, January 30, 2014

Be Thou My Vision

My friend Kelly had a horrible tragedy befall her just a few years ago.  In a car accident, she lost both her husband, Peter, and her sweet middle child, Cooper.

Kelly and her two sweet kids, Ben and Abby have a strong faith in God.  At Peter and Cooper's funeral, one of the songs the congregation sang was "Be Thou My Vision".  I'm not familiar with many hymns, but I think it's about keeping God as your vision, through all the seasons of life.  Kelly explained it to me in a text like this, "Since the funeral, this song has helped me to stay focused on the one Presence that I knew could see me and Ben and Abby through our valley.  Craig agrees that it would be a perfect theme song for what we want the focus of our marriage to always be, as well."

That song has brought her and her family comfort and strength through obvious hard times, and now, it's making it's way to good times!

This past year, Kelly met a man named Craig.  They fell in love!  He asked her to marry him, and she said "Yes!" 

She's asked me to play "Be Thou My Vision" at their wedding.

These are exactly the singing "gigs" that scare me the most:  Huge life events, especially of people I love so much,  that I don't want to screw up.  When she texted me and asked me, I was so nervous I avoided replying right away.  But ultimately, I said yes!  Because these, too, are the singing "gigs" that make me feel like I'm a little part of something very special.

There are lots of versions of this song on YouTube, and I'll listen to all of them.  Over and over and over. And I'll do my best to come up with my own version to play at Kelly and Craig's wedding.  I will practice and play it over and over and over.  And my goal for the big day, is to sing it meaningfully and from the heart without cryingNO CRYING! What an endeavor~  and one I'm so glad I had the courage to say "Yes!" to. 

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Valerie said...

It will be wonderful because you're such a good friend and it will be coming from your heart.