Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Santa's Workshop

Whew! I think I know, on a small scale, how the elves in Santa's Workshop must feel around Christmastime.

I decided months ago that this year I'd make all my gifts. I got an early start, thinking I had plenty of time to get it all done. Plenty of time. I was actually joyous when I'd lovingly work on my gifts. I'd put on music, get in the spirit of things, and get busy.

But then all of the sudden last week I realized just how "upon us" the holidays actually were! And I leave to go out of town on the 21st. And all gifts must be finished before I get on that sleigh!

So this week, instead of enjoying all my crafting, I'm being a little hurried and messy and a little spastic. Our home looks like my version of Santa's Workshop. My version doesn't have candy canes and gingerbread houses. Mrs. Claus isn't in the next room laughing with Santa. There's no other elves around helping me out. And there isn't any caroling going on. BUT, I've got Zoe and Scout watching me work, and kind of getting in my way. (But they mean well!) I'm getting caught up on some DVR'd Oprah shows. And every now and then, I take breaks and play a little music, or take a little walk out in the 70 degree sunshine.

And like Santa's elves, I'm making my gifts with love. Just hurried love.

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