Monday, December 10, 2007

Back Up Your Files

My computer seems to be on the blink. Not the one I'm using now for this post, but my laptop that I use for... everything. The laptop that I keep saying, "I need to back up my files!" about.

And now look at me! Here I am, realizing, I really should have backed up those files.

I have diagnosed my computer's problem myself. I think the screen bulb blew out. And it's going to be replaced later today. That's what I've DECIDED. I've also decided that seriously, TODAY is the day, I am going to back up my files once my computer comes back to me, safe and sound. I've decided the screen is black and the computer seems funtion-less simply because the bulb is out. I've decided there's nothing to panic about. This is just a little reminder to back up my files.

1 comment:

Jimmy said...

Hey - Great(!) bumping into you at the mac store today. I hope you were able to get that thing fixed, or at least get your files off of there.

Let's all go grab a holiday drink sometime soon! --Jimmy