Sunday, December 16, 2007

Icing on the Cake

Well, this isn't officially my movie review blog,(but if you want to check that out, please click HERE ) but I think I'm about ready to combine all of my blogs into one anyway. So PLEASE let me talk about the movie I saw tonight: JUNO. Really, all I need to say is go see it. I could say it's a comedy, but it is so much more than that. It's also a drama. It's very sweet, very smart... Just trust me on this one and go see it. In fact, call me and I'll go with you to see it. I'll even drive. I liked it so much, I could see it again right now.

Which leads me to the rest of my story for the day.
As my husband and I were walking out of the theater and I was saying how much I loved the movie and that I would even see it again, he asked me if I had ever seen a movie and then immediately seen it again for a 2nd time.

Typically, I don't see movies more than once. Or at least I wait a long time in between so that I've forgotten enough of it that it can surprise me again. But there are a few exceptions.

So when I answered his question tonight, the movie that popped into mind immediately was GREASE. I vividly remember I was in 2nd grade and Mom took me to see it. We both LOVED it. And as we watched the credits roll at the end of the movie we were going on and on about our love for GREASE. And then Mom said, "Do you want to see it again right now?" And I said, "Do you?" She answered, "YES!" And it was even more fun to watch the second time around, because we sort of knew the songs. It was such a fun day with Mom.

And after I told Fermin this tonight I felt sort of overwhelmed by that sweet memory of my mom and me. I got very sniffley and said, "You know what's really sweet? (sniffle, sniffle) Most all of my memories of Mom seem to be of the last few years of her life, when she was sick. (sniffle, sniffle) But that is such a great memory. And today is her birthday."

What a gift. Icing on the cake. My Mom's cake.
Happy Birthday, Mom!

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