Wednesday, December 12, 2007

My Great Discovery

Today I was sleuthing around on the internet, (or killing time-whatever) and I looked up the New Yorker website. I thought maybe there might be a few articles from the magazine available to read on the internet. A few? No, even better: the whole issue. And even better: back issues.

So then I thought, "I wonder about Vanity Fair?" And guess what? Yes, it's ALSO available online. I went to a few other magazine websites and found the same thing.

I even went to the Oprah magazine site: same deal. And what a deal! Especially for the O magazine. It's so bulky, and since I don't enjoy the feel of that, I cancelled my subscription over a year ago. I decided that would be my little way of contributing, or rather not contributing, to the environment. The main article I liked to read was on the last page of each issue. It's the essay Oprah writes called, "What I Know For Sure". She's Oprah. She knows a lot. I love reading what she's got to say about what she knows for sure. I've been missing those little essays since cancelling my subscription.

Now, thanks to my discovery, I don't have to anymore.

I still love to read real live magazines, and real live books. But for short articles and essays, I don't mind reading them online. And think of all I'm doing for the environment!

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