Thursday, December 13, 2007

I've mentioned on this blog my neighborhood Garden Club I belong to. And like I've said before I LOVE these ladies. I know it's important for me to have older, sweet women in my life. These women are my neighbors and my friends. Most of them are in there 70s and 80s.

Well, today was our Christmas party and it was such fun.
One of my favorite ladies, Alice, called me a week or two ago and asked me if I'd play some holiday music for the party. So today, she gave me the sweetest introduction that I've ever had. And at the end of it she added, "And she's one of us." One of US. Thank you Alice!

Next, Alice had us each draw a little piece of paper out of a big red hat. Each piece of paper had a question about holiday traditions on it. Mine said, "Have you ever driven around and looked at Christmas lights- Tell about it if you have." Oh have I! This was the perfect question for me, because it is such a great tradition in my family- We've even rented buses to do it before! I learned about everyone's holiday traditions and I got to tell them one of mine. What fun. It's really neat to hear about family traditions, especially traditions of long ago. I got to hear some ladies tell about their childhood Christmas

Next came the gift exchange. I didn't realize we were doing this, and so didn't bring a gift. Being as sweet and nurturing as they are, someone of course tried to give me their gift. That is SO like something my mom would have done.

We ended our party with food. LOTS of food. Home baked goods. And lots of great conversation.

What a party- It started at 10:30, and I just got home at 1:00- (Daytime!)

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