Friday, December 21, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Tomorrow we leave for Santa Fe, NM. This is now our 3rd Christmas without Mom. We keep trying out new things to make Christmas half the fun it used to be when she was with us.

The first year, we decided to get outta Dodge (er, I mean Dallas) and go to Lake Tahoe. It really was (and still is, I'm sure) a lovely place. But it was also rainy, which is sort of weird when you're expecting snow and skiing. My Dad rented a beautiful house that my family and I stayed in. Each morning Dad would open up the curtains, see more rain and declare, "This is the trip from hell." Which it wasn't. But SOME of us started to go a little stir crazy, and the next thing I knew, our return flight had been changed, cutting our trip a day and 1/2 short, by a certain member of my family without my consent or knowledge. My dad, brother and I caught an insanely early flight around 6am. My husband had to take a different flight much later that afternoon. Because of bad weather, his flight had all sorts of delays and was then re-routed to Vegas where he finally arrived in the middle of the night (oops) after traveling or waiting in the airport for about 10 hours. On his birthday! So I wouldn't say the trip ended on a good note. (But neither would I call it "The Trip From Hell")

The next year, we decided to stay here in Dallas. And for the first year ever, my sister and her family decided not to come to Dallas, but to stay at their home in Seattle. So Christmas morning was just Dad, my brother, Fermin and me. And that was weird. Nice, but weird because it didn't feel like Christmas.

So this year, we're blowing out of town again. This time to Santa Fe. My sister and her new boyfriend and my nephew are meeting us there. Again, we're all staying in a house together that Dad rented for us. We're not calling this a ski trip. Who knows, we may not even ski! So if it rains every day, we won't even be disappointed. We're bringing games, puzzles, snacks, and warm clothes and we're prepared. I think. Hopefully, no one's going to label this one "The Trip From Hell".

Merry Christmas, Everybody!


Rrramone said...

Hope it was a good one. I know what you mean about xmas without mom. My sister and I had a good talk about it and she cried her eyes out. It won't ever be like it was.

Monica said...

It's after Christmas, and I am just now reading this. Darn! Had I known you guys were in Santa Fe, I could have called you. We were in Albuquerque visiting Bryon's family. It is the first year without his sister, Ashlee, so we were all very emotional. I could have used a "lunch with an old friend" break! Glad you liked the city we where we got married!

kerri said...

I'm glad you were all together- Sounds like you needed each other.