Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Weepy in the Best Way

I tend to not be a fan of songwriting contests. It seems a little dangerous to have a creative personal expression judged as being a winner or in most cases, a loser.

Yesterday my friend stopped by my house with some paper in his hand and began with, "Now I know you don't like these, BUT..." and I sighed, "Is this a songwriting contest?" He said he wanted to enter two of my songs in the Kerrville songwriting contest and wanted to pay the entry fee and I could just pay him back if I was a finalist.

Sometimes this kind of support comes at just the right time. Its hard to be in any kind of funk when someone has such confidence in your abilities. Even when you don't. After he left my house and I continued to think about his gesture, I felt weepy. Weepy in the best way.

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