Monday, March 5, 2007

My Finger Is Safe

The other night, while I was out playing, my new music stand cut me. SLICED my pointer finger. I didn't even realize it had gotten cut until I saw THE BLOOD, and then it nearly brought me to my knees!

But there was a first aid kit, and my friend took care of me. She had me hold a towel on my finger until the bleeding slowed down, then cleaned it, put a band-aid on it and then put on what appeared to be a condom for a very, very small man- or my finger. I didn't know such equipment existed and I found it fascinating. Its purpose is to protect your finger, so to speak, so that you can get "work" done without risk of touching something and then getting it infected. (So similar to what a condom can do!)

I couldn't help but make stupid jokes all night regarding my protected finger...About how it was safe from STDs, and about how I wouldn't be having any baby fingers.

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