Thursday, March 8, 2007

Living Vicariously

Yesterday was my "live vicariously thru others" day.

I went as an auditor (cool word for observer) to a master guitar class at SMU where Sharon Isbin was the guest teacher.
First of all, just walking on the campus on such a lovely day made me wish I was back in college because, THOSE were the days! And I'd love and appreciate it even more now than I did then. There were groups of students meeting outside, others reading and studying (also outside), and since I was in one the the ARTS buildings, I could hear music practice. Ahhhhhhh.....

During the class I sat in on, 4 different students each performed a song of their choice (I think) and then Sharon Isbin, who is a classical guitar virtuoso, gave them feedback and tips for correcting their trouble spots. Although they were way beyond me, I loved listening in. I loved seeing and hearing little improvements right before my very eyes and ears. And I can apply some of those tips she gave them. I sat on the front row and so I could see and hear every little thing. I could see how nervous the students were and could imagine how I would feel if I was them. So even though that part of it isn't fun, what a cool experience they got to have...and I got to have just as an observer!

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