Friday, March 16, 2007


The other day on my run, I saw so many of those flying bugs called "No See-ums". Although it was sort of gross because I felt pretty sure one was bound to fly into my mouth, I was glad to see-um, those No See-ums! I BELIEVE (whether its true or not) that they eat mosquitos, which aren't out yet, but will be soon enough...

That's because Spring has Sprung! As of a few weeks ago, the days are warmer and longer. Every now and then we'll have a day that feels right on the verge of being almost hot. And I have the tendency, as do many people, to think, "Oh no. Summer's almost here. Pretty soon it'll be 100 degrees. And the mosquitos will be unbearable." And I've often said, and heard others say, that we don't usually have much of a Spring in Texas. That we go straight from Winter to Summer. But you know what? This IS Spring! The temperatures vary, but most days are in the 70s. And that just about perfect I think! So I am going to stop anticipating the unruly heat of summer. I'm going to enjoy seeing the green pop out in my lawn, even if it is primarily weeds. And I'm going to buy flowers to plant that do well in Spring-time temperatures and not worry about how long they're going to last. I'm going to especially enjoy my walks, runs and bike rides that I can do at just about anytime of the day without being either too hot, or too cold. Besides Autumn, Spring is my favorite season of the year. And it is here right NOW!

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