Thursday, March 15, 2007

Not Having a Ball

Months ago I took a Restorative Yoga class at the Dallas Yoga Center. I wrote a blog about it and I think I referred to it as "Public Napping" because that is what it felt like. Or as I've heard someone else say, "The bubble-bath of Yoga". So when a group of friends and I decided to go to a Restorative class at another Yoga studio, I had my bubble bath in hand and was ready to go.

But this class was entirely different. During a large portion of the class,we rolled our armpit and chest on top of softballs (and by softballs I mean the hard balls you use for the sport!) That was NOT napping, nor was it a bubble bath. It actually hurt, as you can imagine. And I found my thoughts centered around fears of having some horrible pain hangover the next day. I would've forgotten to breathe, but fortunately I guess, the class was so full and there was so much loud breathing going on, it was impossible to forget. So I breathed into my pain.

I don't have any unusual aches or pains today. Maybe it WAS, in fact, restorative. Just different than what I had expected.

Later that night at dinner, one of my friends was saying that everyone has different wants and needs in Yoga- That you've got to find the studio and teacher and class that's right for you. And I know she's right. Being a girl who loves bubble baths, I think I know where I belong!

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